Brompton Lake Marshes

The Peaceful Hours       Brompton Lake     ( ban on going into the marsh in 2020 )

A peacefull canoeing discovery

20 minutes of paddles from our cottage

Site 5.4 of the “Carte des milieux humides du Québec”
Type Fresh water marshes
Status Private site
Area 215 ha
Access : From Sherbrooke, take route 220 highway Westward. Well after Saint-Élie-d’Orford village (approximately 8.2 kilometres) it is possible to see the marshes on both side of the road, right after descending the big hill.From the 220 it is easy to obtain a good view of the marshes but please park safely since there are a fair amount of curb in this area.The marshes contours are private* and the best way to visit the site is by canoe.

To access the boat ramp, continue one more kilometre on the 220 highway and turn on the first street to your right (chemin Tibault).

Travel roughly 0.7 Km on this road, the access ramp is located near the «Bar au marais du lac».

* Please do not access the adjacent land area without the permission of each individual land owners.


Large and shallow lake with a magnificent view on Mount Orford and Mount Chauve, the Brompton Lake marshes are filled mostly by wild rice, bladderwort (utricularia) and broad-leaved pondweed (potamogeton) characteristic of the numerous stumps left after the raising of the lake in 1950. Around the marshes is growing an abundance of maples interspersed with numerous yellow birches.

These marshes and their aquatic plants constitute prime nesting grounds for over 130 different bird species that have not all been listed yet. The ring necked duck and the wood duck are commonly seen in this area.

Different types of fish (walleye, pike and yellow perch), mammals (beaver and muskrat) as well as a few reptiles such as tortoise are present and can be seen regularly.

Activity et services

Canoeing is the ideal way to observe all these beauties of nature. A boating ramp is located near the hunting and fishing club house.

Complementary activity

Mont-Orford park: two kilometres from the Fraser Lake area
Jouvence recreational facility: eight kilometres away

Conservation implementation

Nesting cages have been installed for the wood duck.
Memphrémagog hunting and fishing club has done several studies on possible development of the area.


The area is recognised as a conservation zone by the surrounding municipalities of Canton d’Orford, Sainte-Élie-d’Orford, Saint-Denis-de-Brompton and as such these concerned locally offer extensive wildlife protection.

Groupe contact

Société de loisir ornithologique de l’Estrie (SLOE),
C.P. 2363, succ. Jacques-Cartier
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1J 3Y3
Phone: (819) 563-6603 (answering machine)

SLOE has authorised the reproduction of the following text and image related to the Marais du lac Brompton.